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Roko Cancer Charitable Trust (Registered Charity No.: 398/4/2009-2010, INDIA) is a "not for profit" organization committed to fighting cancer and preventing deaths due to cancer, especially in women, by timely and early detection.

We are registered with NITI AAYOG's NGO Darpan platform with Reg. No. DL/2017/ 0153993.

"Roko" means "Stop" and "Cancer" is universally perceived as the most rapacious killer of human existence. Roko Cancer, therefore, in vernacular means 'Stop Cancer'. With this as the central idea, Roko Cancer Charitable Trust is committed to identifying and eliminating Breast, Cervical and Oral cancer in an institutionalized and structured manner by creating awareness amongst women about the nuances of this dreadful disease and its early detection through screening processes and self-examination. Detection of cancer in stage one has almost 90 percent chance of survival whereas it has almost negligible chance of cure in stage four. The anthem, therefore, is that: 'Cancer if detected early, can be eradicated'.

Apropos the above, Roko Cancer Charitable Trust was set up in 2005, primarily for spreading awareness and early detection of Breast Cancer by a London based NRI of distinction and vision, Mr. APS Chawla. He himself had gone through the excruciating trauma of his wifes untimely demise at the hands of breast cancer. To save precious lives he emerged like a phoenix from the ambers of his personal grief and translated his tragedy into a relentless crusade against breast cancer, so that others may not go through the anguish and ignominy due to sheer ignorance. Despite being a millionaire, who owns Nova Group of Companies in London, he dedicated his life to this noble cause and became a philanthropist.

Our Trust has been a pioneer in launching Indias irst fully equipped, sophisticated Mobile Cancer Detection Unit. This gives us the lexibility of conducting 'Mammograms and 'Pap Smear/ LBC' tests for women and 'Oral Cancer Tests and counselling for de-addiction' for men in various urban, semi-urban and rural areas. In our drive we have conducted 5,000 'Awareness and Detection' camps during the period from 2005 to date in 22 States and Union Territories. Presently, our Mobile Detection Units are equipped to detect Breast, Cervix and Oral cancer. In this journey, we have worked with various State Governments viz. Govt. of Meghalaya, Delhi and Punjab, PSUs like ONGC, corporates like Larsen & Toubro, Jindal Stainless Steel, IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance, Indian Potash Limited, IFFCO, HITACHI, Pizer, SIS Ltd. etc.

We also do diabetes and BP investigations/ diagnosis as well. Mammography, oral screening operations and pap smears are performed by welltrained doctors who are experts in their ield and dedicated to the cause. We are proud to state that from 2005 up to now we have carried out about roughly 6,35,090 examinations and conducted 68,729 mammography tests

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An effort that voiced its appeal loud and clear 'Roko Cancer'-It could happen to you. The Trust launched its First Fully Equipped Mobile Breast Cancer Detection Unit in 2005

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Account No. 390101151442
IFSC Code CNRB0000390
Bank Name Canara Bank

When you add money to Roko Cancer Charitable Trust One Rupee Fund, it gets instantly reflected to current balance. Now, the fund can be requested and released for utilization in public welfare activities like scholarships, community welfare, education and women empowerment - which is also when the public or contributors decide. 

When someone makes a requests to utilize the Fund for welfare, Roko Cancer Charitable Trust scrutinizes the cause(publicly) and then releases the fund toward that cause. The release is logged into public balance and is updated back to the Activities Feed.

Contact Us

Our work Area: Okhla
MKC Trust- Roko Cancer Campaign Operations Office
Chawlson House
191-193 Commercial Road
London E1 2BT

TEL. +44 (0) 2077917509
South Delhi
Delhi - 110025


[email protected]

Registered Office: Building No. 104,
Ground Floor Lane No.2,
Sera Enclave Saidulajab, Westend Marg,
Near Saket Metro Station New Delhi
South Delhi
Delhi - 110025

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