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INSAAN International Foundation (IIF) is an emerging platform for community service, policy research and advocacy. IIF will reach out to everyone including the community leaders, legislators, policy makers and civil society activists to advocate for a better and inclusive India. We will work to advance constitutional values of equality of men and women, dignity of labour, capacity development, empowerment of the under-privileged, transparency & accountability in governance, peaceful coexistence, communal, social and ecological harmony.

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BeyondHeadlines (BH) is a leading alternative news portal providing information and analysis that the mainstream media have chosen to ignore. BH’s focus on local events, alternative analysis and RTI exposes have been great sources for national and international stories. BH has been cited by all leading publications in India. Ideologically BH has always believed in and has stood among others for inclusive growth, social & financial inclusion, capacity building, human rights, communal harmony, democracy in belief and practice, freedom of press, transparency & accountability in government and sustainable development.

BeyondHeadlines is associated with INSAAN International Foundation.

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INSAAN International Foundation (IIF) is a platform for community service, policy research and advocacy. IIF Runs several news platforms like beyondheadlines under this umbrella.

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When you add money to INSAAN International Foundation One Rupee Fund, it gets instantly reflected to current balance. Now, the fund can be requested and released for utilization in public welfare activities like scholarships, community welfare, education and women empowerment - which is also when the public or contributors decide. 

When someone makes a requests to utilize the Fund for welfare, INSAAN International Foundation scrutinizes the cause(publicly) and then releases the fund toward that cause. The release is logged into public balance and is updated back to the Activities Feed.

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Jamia Nagar, South Delhi, Okhla New Delhi
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Registered Office: Jamia Nagar, South Delhi, Okhla New Delhi
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