1 Rupee Fund is for those in need

It's an open & transparent public fund for welfare

When Amount

One rupee pledge

As a responsible citizen, I acknowledge that I have a duty toward my people. I know that I have to support my people in need. I thus, take a pledge that I will spend at-least one Rupees every day for the help of my people, community and area without expecting any social, moral or financial reward.

When you add money to One Rupee Fund, it gets instantly reflected to current balance. Now, the fund can be requested and released for utilization in public welfare activities like scholarships, community welfare, education and women empowerment - which is also when the public or contributors decide. 

When someone in need requests money from One Rupee Fund for personal or community welfare, we scrutinize the cause(publicly) and then release the fund. The release is logged into public balance and is updated back to the Activities Feed.

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1RF is currently not accepting any donations. We are looking for Partner NGOs.
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For inquiries regarding donations during any period, please contact respective NGOs.


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